Sunday 24 May 2009

Become a Pokerinsider and get free bankrolls and weekly rakeback

Those of you that read this blog regularly will know that I am a keen online poker player so I thought I'd share with you one of the most rewarding sites I've found for both sponsorships and rakeback. provides both free sponsorhip cash to several online poker rooms and of a well run rakeback program which is achieved by earning "nibs",these are Pokerinside's own brand of loyalty points.

There are on offer daily cash sponsorships to various online poker rooms which offer players a chance to play without risking their own cash and free is always good in my book!

Where Pokerinside really comes into it's own for me is it's rakeback program which unlike many others that you see online,rewards both high and low stakes players alike.You simply requested a custom pay plan just for you and download and play at on of the approved poker rooms via the links on the Pokerinside website.Then from day one you will be earning points and earning rakeback.The real beauty of this system from my point of view though is that unlike so many shemes available it pays weekly not monthly so if you are having a bit of a bad time and those badbeats keep coming,at least you know that on wednesday you will have some extra cash to play with.

Lastly of course Pokerinside is completely free to join to click here and join me and all the other Pokerinsiders today.

See you at the tables.

Monday 9 February 2009

$150 no deposit poker bonus

If you don't have an account at CDpoker then this is a very good offer with $150 free available with no deposit.

Sign up with Poker Room School and you will also get a real money account with CDpoker.Take a simple quiz and after receiving a verification phone call you will have $50 in your CDpoker account and a further $100 in pending bonus.

As well as the free bankroll PRS also run a weekly members $1000 freeroll on sundays and a weekly leaderboard with cash prizes and entries into further freerolls.

You will also find a lively forum,poker lessons and a free poker calculator to use at CDpoker

CDpoker is part of the ipoker network so there is reliable software with good graphics and cash tables from just 01/02c and lots of tournaments with entry fees from just 50c

So if you don't have a CDpoker account click here,sign up with PRS and grab your free cash!!!!

See you at the tables,Lou Smorals.

Friday 5 December 2008

Excellent private tracker accepting new members.

If you are into the world of bit torrents then you will know that getting membership to good private tracker sites can often only be achieved by joining waiting lists or being invited so I was excited to find a site recently called that is accepting new members.

supreme-speeds is quite a new site to the bit torrent scene but is fast gaining a healthy reputation for having a good mix of the latest torrents across a variety of catagories and there is a wide choice of movies,tv shows,music,applications and much more.

As with all private tracker sites you will be expected to seed back torrents after you have downloaded them.A minimum of 48 hours or to a ratio of 1:1 whichever comes first is required and members launching “hit and run”attacks on torrents will soon find themselves banned from the site.If however,you don’t have the time or the bandwith to seed back torrents there are a wide range of donation packages available will will allow you to gain VIP status and avoid the minimum seeding rules.These donations of course also help to keep the site alive.

As the name would suggest supreme-speeds pride themselves on providing blisteringly fast download speeds but the site also has much more to offer including a very informative and friendly forum,it’s own irc channel and a well used homepage shoutbox.

So,if you enjoy the world of torrents sign up at today because with a site this good I’m sure it won’t be very long before membership is by invitation only.

Have a great day,Lou Smorals.